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The Bracelet Project: A Crowd-Funded, Community-Driven Art Project

the bracelet project

For centuries, bracelets have been a popular form of jewelry. They’re versatile and come in all styles, making them perfect for any occasion. But what if you could create your bracelet? That’s precisely what the Bracelet Project is all about. Created by artist and designer John Maeda, the Bracelet Project is a crowd-funded, community-driven art project that allows anyone to create and share their bracelet designs. The project launched in early 2015 and has since raised more than $1 million from more than 120,000 participants. With so many people involved, it’s clear that the bracelet is here to stay—and there’s no better time to jump on board than now!

The Purpose of the Bracelet Project

the bracelet project

The bracelet project is a crowd-funded, communitydriven art project that began in September 2012. The project’s purpose is to provide opportunities for artists from disadvantaged backgrounds and communities to create tangible pieces of art that everyone can enjoy.

The bracelet project has raised over 60,000 dollars through donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations. This funding has allowed the project to support over 60 artists from all over the United States and Canada. In addition, the bracelet project provides workshops and training sessions in arts and craftsmanship to marginalized communities so they can create their pieces of jewelry.

The bracelet project is a fantastic example of how community-driven art can help improve the lives of marginalized people. It shows us that anything is possible with a little effort and determination.

How to Participate in the Bracelet Project

the bracelet project

How to Participate in the Bracelet Project

If you’re interested in helping support the creation of a bracelet made entirely by community volunteers, there are several ways to get involved! First, sign up on the project’s website to become a backer. Backers will receive updates on the project’s progress and exclusive rewards, like early access to bracelets. You can also follow the bracelet project on social media for real-time updates and photos from the manufacturing process.

Another way to get involved is to volunteer your time. Volunteers will be needed to help with everything from stuffing envelopes full of donations to packing materials for shipping. If you have time and want to make a difference in someone else’s life, volunteering with the bracelet project is a great way to do it!

Finally, donate money! Any amount is appreciated and will go towards supplies or production costs associated with making the bracelets. No donation is too small – every penny counts! You can also donate money online through PayPal, mail donations directly to the project team, or drop them off at any participating store. Donating helps make a big difference in making sure that everyone who wants one can have one!

What to Expect from the Bracelet Project

the bracelet project

The Bracelet Project is a community-driven art project that began as a Kickstarter campaign in November 2016. Artist Kim Gordon created the project to create a bracelet made from recycled materials that people of all ages can wear.

Since its inception, the Bracelet Project has raised over $152,000 from more than 1,100 backers. The bracelet is now available on Gordon’s website and at select retailers. In addition to the bracelet, supporters can purchase various accessories, including charms and pendants.

The Bracelet Project is an ambitious art project that seeks to change how we think about recycling by turning used materials into something beautiful and wearable. The bracelet is made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles and old phone cases, and it can be customized with different charms and pendants. The project aims to inspire people to recycle more while also providing them with beautiful jewelry they can wear daily.


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