9 Chang Charn Road: The Great Escape From Shenzhen

For years, Shenzhen—a city in southern China often associated with cheap labor and manufacturing—has been one of the world’s leading electronics and hardware production centers. But things are changing. With the rise of e-commerce and the global shift to mobile computing, Shenzhen has been disadvantaged. The city’s factories can no longer keep up with the demand for high-tech gadgets, and many companies have had to relocate their operations elsewhere. In this blog post, we will explore the history of Chang Charn Road and how it has become one of the city’s most famous and notorious escape routes. We will also discuss some of the challenges businesses face as they abandon Shenzhen in search of a better future.

What is Chang Charn Road?

9 chang charn road

Chang Charn Road is one of the busiest roads in Shenzhen, connecting Futian District north with Shekou south. As China’s first special economic zone, Shenzhen was built based on free trade and open markets, and Chang Charn Road has been at the heart of this development.

Today, Chang Charn Road is a bustling commercial artery full of shopping malls, restaurants, banks, and other businesses. It’s also a popular destination for tourists, who can explore its historic buildings and shops or take in its stunning scenery.

The Cost of Living on Chang Charn Road

9 chang charn road

Chang Charn Road is the perfect place for people looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of Shenzhen. This road runs through the countryside and offers stunning views of mountains and rivers. Chang Charn Road is relatively affordable compared to other areas in Shenzhen. For example, a single bedroom in a decent neighborhood on Chang Charn Road costs around $350 per month. This price is much lower than similar neighborhoods in Shenzhen’s city center, where a one-bedroom can cost up to $1,000 per month. 

Despite the low cost of living on Chang Charn Road, residents must consider a few things when choosing this location. For example, transportation can be difficult since the road is not well connected to other parts of Shenzhen. Additionally, weather conditions can be pretty harsh sometimes, and residents should ensure they have appropriate clothing and gear for all seasons. Despite these drawbacks, Chang Charn Road remains one of the most popular places to live in Shenzhen due to its unique atmosphere and unbeatable scenic views.[/content]

When finding a place to live in Shenzhen, one of the most popular options is Chang Charn Road. Located in the northeastern part of the city, this stretch of road has several great reasons to make it your new home.

For starters, Chang Charn Road is far enough away from the bustle and noise of downtown Shenzhen that you can easily relax and enjoy some peace. In addition, many of the larger apartment complexes on this street are well-maintained and come equipped with all the amenities you could need, such as pools, gyms, gardens, and plenty of parking spaces.

And finally, if you’re looking for excellent value in living costs, Chang Charn Road is worth considering. Compared to other areas of Shenzhen, prices here are much lower, and you’ll likely spend less than $500 per month on average. So if you’re looking for an affordable place to call home while you continue your studies or work in Shenzhen, Chang Charn Road is worth checking out!

The Benefits of Living on Chang Charn Road

9 chang charn road

Living on Chang Charn Road is an excellent escape from the hustle and bustle of Shenzhen. The road is lined with lush green trees and peaceful rivers, making it a perfect place to relax and escape bustling city life.

The benefits of living on Chang Charn Road include:

-Peaceful atmosphere: Living on Chang Charn Road provides a peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

-Ease of access: Chang Charn Road is easily accessible by car, bus, or bike, so you can get around as you please.

-Luxurious surroundings: The street is lined with luxury homes that offer beautiful views of the river and trees. This makes it an ideal place to relax after a busy day in Shenzhen.

How to Get to Chang Charn Road

9 chang charn road

Passengers can take a direct train from Shenzhen East railway station to get to Chang Charn Road. The trip takes about 40 minutes, and there are multiple trains per hour. Alternatively, travelers can take the metro to Shekou and board a bus to Chang Charn Road. The bus ride takes about 30 minutes and costs around ¥10 per person.

If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of Shenzhen, Chang Charn Road is the perfect escape. This scenic road runs through the rolling hills of southern China’s Guangdong province, and it’s easy to spend a day or two exploring its quaint villages, stunning natural landscapes, and historic destinations.

To get to Chang Charn Road, take bus 902 from Shenzhen’s Longgang District to 绍兴市南路 (Shenzhen Nanlu South Road), which is about an hour-and-a-half drive from central Shenzhen. From there, it’s a short walk (or ride on a bike) down Chang Charn Road to some of the region’s most charming villages.

If you’re in the mood for more activity, head south down Chang Charn Road towards Taishan City. There are plenty of hiking trails, beautiful natural scenery to explore here, and several popular tourist spots like Hengshan Mountain and Jiuzhaigou Valley.

Whether you’re just taking a day trip from Shenzhen or planning on staying for a while, Chang Charn Road is an ideal place to relax and get away from it all.

The Neighbourhoods on Chang Charn Road

Chang Charn Road is a central boulevard in Shenzhen, bordering Futian to the north and northeast, Bao’an to the east, Jiangmen to the southeast, and Shekou to the south. It has been dubbed “The Great Escape From Shenzhen” as it is one of the few paths out of Shenzhen for residents who do not want to live close to factories or other large urban areas.

The Chang Charn Road area was originally farmland and sparsely populated. The road was built in the late 1950s as part of Highway No. 9, connecting Shenzhen with Hong Kong. At its peak, Chang Charn Road was one of the busiest highways in China, accommodating both civilian and military traffic.

In 1987, when Shenzhen became an independent municipality, Chang Charn Road quickly became a hub for business and commerce. Today, it remains a popular destination for tourists and locals due to its wide array of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options.

The Restaurants and Bars on Chang Charn Road

Chang Charn Road is a street in the heart of Shenzhen filled with restaurants and bars. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or an evening out, Chang Charn Road has something for you. Here are some of our favorite places on the road:

1. Cafe de Coral: This cafe is excellent for people who want to have a casual meal. They have a variety of sandwiches and salads, as well as drinks. Plus, they have friendly staff who are happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

2. O’Neill’s Pub: Not only is this pub perfect for beer lovers, but their food is also delicious! They have traditional Irish fare like shepherd’s pie and bangers and mash, as well as more modern options like steak tartare.

3. Noodle House: If you’re in the mood for some noodle soup, head to Noodle House! They offer different soup bases (like chicken or seafood) and choose from several other toppings (including shredded pork)!

4. Bakery de Paris: This bakery is great for people who want something sweet after dinner. They have all sorts of pastries, cakes, and coffee and tea!

Shopping on Chang Charn Road

9 chang charn road

Chang Charn Road, also known as Shenzhen’s “Great Escape Route,” is a busy commercial street that runs through the city’s heart. It’s filled with trendy boutiques, high-end restaurants, and lively nightlife. It’s an ideal place to explore the city’s couture scene or to buy luxury goods. It’s also a great place to spot local celebrities. Chang Charn Road is easily accessible by public transportation so you can explore it at your leisure.

This bustling street in Shenzhen is a great place to shop for anything you need, from clothes to electronics. The wide variety of stores and the proximity to the city center make it an ideal spot for tourists or locals looking for a quick escape. Some top shops on Chang Charn Road include toy stores, pharmacies, and department stores. There’s something for everyone here, so take your time browsing through all the options.


It’s no secret that Shenzhen is rising, and with good reason. Located in southeastern China, Shenzhen is a bustling metropolis with all the conveniences of a major city but without the busyness. If you’re looking for an escape from the rat race and want to experience some of China’s history and culture while you’re at it, consider checking out Shenzhen 9 Chang Charn Road. This charming B&B offers up stunning views of the skyline as well as plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

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