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Desmond Marina History: The Early Years

desmond marina history

Desmond Marina is a luxurious resort located on the coast of Jumeirah in Dubai. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UAE, and for a good reason: the views are breathtaking, and the amenities are top-notch. But Desmond Marina’s history started long before it became a luxury resort. It all started with one man—Desmond Boateng Marina. Today, we want to look back at Desmond Marina’s history and how it shaped the resort we know. Read on to learn more about this iconic destination and its rich history.

Desmond Marina History: The Early Years

desmond marina history

The history of Desmond Marina began in the early 1900s when the area was first developed as a residential district. The marina was founded in 1969 and quickly became one of the East Coast’s most popular fishing destinations.

In 1969, Desmond Marina was founded by John Rockey and his wife, Gail. Located on the shores of the Intracoastal Waterway, the marina quickly became a popular fishing destination for locals and tourists. In 1980, Desmond Marina opened its doors to transient guests with 54 berths. Today, the marina has over 120 slips and is home to numerous restaurants, shops, and services catering to boaters and fishermen.

Desmond Marina’s history is full of remarkable accomplishments and heartwarming stories. Thanks to its dedicated staff and passionate supporters, Desmond Marina thrives as one of North Carolina’s most cherished recreational resources.

Desmond Marina and the Rise of the Yacht Industry

desmond marina history

The Desmond Marina was built in the early 1950s on the south side of Port St. John, just east of the town of Saint John. The marina served as a storage and maintenance area for fishing boats, pleasure crafts, and small vessels. The first yacht club in the area was founded in 1964 and the Desmond Marina quickly became its homeport.

In 1970, a new clubhouse was built to house the growing membership, which numbered about 100 boats at that time. In 2000, a new concrete ramp and slipway were completed, making it much more significant for yachts to dock at the marina. As a result, yacht clubs from all over New Brunswick began docking at the marina, bringing an influx of money, jobs, and tourists to Port St. John and surrounding communities. Today, more than 600 boats are registered with the Desmond Marina Yacht Club alone!

Desmond Marina and the Role it Played in the Prohibition Era.

The Desmond Marina, located at the mouth of the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida, was one of the busiest ports in the United States during the 1920s and 1930s. The port played a significant role in the prohibition era, serving as a major smuggling route into and out of the United States. The Desmond Marina also served as a central docking area for boats carrying goods into and out of Cuba during that time period.

During Prohibition, law enforcement officials tried to shut down the port but were unsuccessful. The port continued to operate largely unchecked until 1933 when authorities finally shut it down after discovering a large shipment of alcohol being smuggled into the country. The closure of the Desmond Marina significantly impacted Jacksonville’s economy as it caused businesses throughout the city to suffer.

Desmond Marina was born in 1922 when the area along the Tampa Bay shoreline that would later become known as Indian Shores was still an unincorporated rural community. The area began to develop rapidly in the 1920s with the construction of a seaport and railway terminus at Port Tampa. The population of Indian Shores and surrounding areas grew exponentially as new families arrived looking for a place to build their homes and businesses.

In 1928, Desmond Marina’s founder, John Desmond, opened the first marina in Indian Shores. At this time, the only way to get around Tampa Bay was by boat or foot. Marinas were important transportation hubs for people living near the water, and they served as places where fishermen could sell their catch and tourists could rent boats or kayaks.

As Desmond Marina grew, it became increasingly important for John Desmond to secure a permit from the Florida state government to operate his business. In 1931, he received permission to build a large marina on Hutchinson Island that would soon be renamed Desmond Marina in his honor.

The Great Depression hit America hard in the early 1930s, and many businesses struggled to survive. Despite this challenge, Desmond Marina thrived during this difficult time, partly thanks to its close ties with local fishing communities and its location near one of the busiest seaports in America.

The World War II outbreak ended much commercial activity along Tampa Bay, but Desmond Marina.

Desmond Marina through the Years

The Desmond Marina has a long and rich history dating back to the early days of the 20th century. The Desmond family established the marina as a private dock and boatyard in 1907. Over the years, the marina has grown into one of the busiest and most popular recreational areas in South County. In 2007, Desmond Marina underwent a significant renovation, including installing new docks, showers, washrooms, and fishing piers.

The Desmond Marina has a long and storied history. The first marina on the side was built in 1918 by the owners of the land where the marina now stands. It served as a small boat harbor for local fishermen, and it was in 1947 that the first boat docks were built.

In 1951, Desmond Marina was purchased by the City of Toronto, becoming part of Toronto’s recreational infrastructure. Over time, it became one of Toronto’s most popular tourist destinations, with boating, fishing, swimming, sunbathing, and more facilities. In 1992, the City of Toronto sold Desmond Marina to Harbourfront Corporation.

Today, Desmond Marina is managed by Harbourfront Corporation and is still one of Toronto’s most popular tourist destinations. It remains integral to Toronto’s recreational infrastructure and provides opportunities for people to enjoy waterfront activities in a safe and secure setting.

Desmond Marina Today

desmond marina history

Desmond Marina was founded in 1984 by two friends, Norm, and Bob. The marina had modest beginnings as a small 400-foot-long slip with four slips and 25 boat spaces. In its early years, the marina was the launching point for harbor cruises operated by Norm and Bob. Desmond Marina has grown to include 700 feet of water frontage, 140 boat slips, a 65-slip mooring field, a boat ramp, a picnic area, and showers. The marina offers year-round docking for recreational boats up to 30 feet in length and 50 horsepower. The marina is also home to the Coastal Maine Yacht Club (CMYC), which operates clubhouse facilities, including a full kitchen, meeting room, and social hall.

Since the early days of the marina, it has been a place for locals and visitors to enjoy the water, the peace, and the tranquility that comes with it. The area’s first inhabitants were Native Americans, who used the area for hunting and fishing. In 1824, when Captain W.S.G. Beasley was surveying the area for development purposes, he noted an abundance of fish in the harbor and decided to set up a trading post there.

Over time, more people began settling in the area, including Father Pierre Gibault in 1855, who started a small Catholic mission onshore. In 1891, William Todd built a dock onshore to service his schooner business and soon became well-known as one of the most successful businesspeople in town. When Desmond Marina was founded in 1942 by local fishermen, it had just a few boats docked at its docks.

Today, Desmond Marina is still home to a vibrant community of locals and visitors alike who come to enjoy its beautiful waters and peaceful atmosphere. The marina has expanded over the years, adding new facilities such as restaurants, bars, shops, and more while maintaining its traditional fishing village feel.


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