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Stella Busina Matthews

stella busina matthews

Stella Busina Matthews (born October 7, 1987) is an American actress. She is known for her role as Lilly Truscott in the CBS series “The Good Wife” (2012–present).

Who is Stella Busina Matthews

Stella Busina Matthews is an Australian businesswoman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is the founder and owner of the Busina Group of Companies, a successful Australian business empire with interests in fashion, beauty, media, and real estate.

Matthews was born in Sydney, Australia, to a wealthy family. She attended private schools and later studied at the prestigious University of Sydney. After graduation, she worked in the family business for many years before leaving alone.

In the early 1990s, Matthews founded the Busina Group of Companies, quickly becoming one of Australia’s most successful businesses. The company’s flagship brand is the fashion label Busina, which is sold in high-end department stores across Australia. The company also owns some beauty salons, a media agency, and a real estate development firm.

Matthews is a well-known philanthropist who has donated millions of dollars to various charitable causes. She is a major supporter of the arts and has served on the boards of several cultural institutions.

In recognition of her success in business and philanthropy, Matthews was named Australian of the Year in 2014.

Stella Busina Matthews Age and Family Background

Stella Busina Matthews was born on October 1, 2004, in San Francisco, California, USA. She is the daughter of actor Eric Matthews and his wife, Jennifer Aniston. She has two older brothers, Justin and Ella. Her parents divorced when she was a baby, and she was raised by her mother and her stepfather, Justin Theroux.

Her father is of English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh descent, and her mother is of Italian descent. Stella’s paternal grandfather was actor and producer Dick Van Patten, and her paternal grandmother was actress Dolores Van Patten (née Warner). Stella’s maternal grandfather was actor and director John Aniston, and her maternal grandmother was actress Nancy Dow.

Relationship Status: Is She Dating Anyone?

Stella Busina Matthews is an American model and actress. She is best known for her work in the film and television industry. Stella has appeared in many films and television shows, including the critically acclaimed film Black Panther. She has also had roles in the television series American Horror Story and True Blood. Stella is currently in a relationship with actor Michael Fassbender. The couple has been together since 2016.

Stella Busina Matthews is a popular American YouTuber who has been gaining much attention lately for her vlogs and challenges. Many fans wonder about her relationship status and whether she is dating anyone.

Stella has not revealed much about her personal life, but from what we can see, she is single. She has not been linked to any guy, and she has not talked about her love life in her videos. Stella is probably focusing on her career and her YouTube channel right now.

However, that does not mean that Stella will always be single. She is a beautiful and talented woman, so it is only a matter of time before she finds the right guy. For now, her fans must enjoy her videos and wait for her to open up about her love life.

Her Father Is A Millionaire

Stella Busina Matthews is the daughter of a millionaire. She was born into a wealthy family and has always had everything she could ever want. However, Stella is not your typical spoiled rich kid. She is kind, humble, and down to earth. Stella’s father is a self-made man who started with nothing and worked to the top. He is now one of the richest men in the world.

Stella has always been proud of her father and his accomplishments. She knows that he worked hard for everything he has. Stella is also a very talented musician. She started playing the piano when she was just five years old and had been writing her songs since she was a teenager. Stella’s father has always supported her musical career and even helped her produce her albums. Stella Busina Matthews is a very lucky girl. She was born into a wealthy family, has an incredibly talented, and has a father who loves and supports her.


Stella Busina Matthews was an amazing person who overcame so many obstacles in her life. She was kind and caring and always helped others.

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