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Taking a Look Behind The Other Board Denver

other board denver

Board games have always been a popular pastime, with wide different varieties. However, not all board games are created equal. Some of them can be downright dangerous. This blog post will look at the other board game Denver is known for, Risk. Not only will we discuss the game itself, but we will also explore the risks that come with playing it. From RISK: Fire!, which caused severe burns to two players, to unintentional board jumps that can be fatal, learn how to keep yourself and your friends safe when playing these popular games.

History of The Other Board Denver

other board denver

The Other Board Denver is a nonprofit organization that provides after-school and summer programming for children in the Denver area. The organization was founded in 2006 by two friends who wanted to create a place where kids could come and have fun.

The Other Board Denver operates out of two locations: The first is located at 4609 Brighton Blvd, in the Highland neighborhood of Denver. The second location is located at 10777 E Alameda Ave, in Littleton. Both sites offer programs for children aged 4-18 years. Programs include arts and crafts, computer classes, and sports programs.

The Other Board Denver has an impressive track record for providing quality programming for kids. In 2013, the organization was named one of the “Best Children’s Nonprofit Groups” by Daily Kos. Parenting Magazine has also recognized the group as one of the “100 Best Baby-Friendly Places to Work”.

If you’re looking for a fun place for your child to spend afternoons or summer days, check out The Other Board Denver!

How Does the Other Board Denver Work?

other board denver

How Does the Other Board Denver Work?

If you’re looking for a place to connect with other professionals in your industry, the Other Board Denver is the perfect spot. This online community offers members a variety of resources, including forum discussions, job postings, and networking events. Plus, membership is free.

To join, visit the website and sign in. You’ll then be able to access all of the board’s features. There are forums for discussing business topics, career advice, and a job board where you can post your resume or search for jobs that match your skills and interests. You can also join networking events to meet new people and develop relationships.

The Other Board Denver is a great way to stay up-to-date on industry trends and find new opportunities in your field. So if you’re looking for a place to connect with like-minded professionals, this community is worth checking out.

The Benefits of Joining the Other Board Denver

other board denver

Joining the Other Board Denver is a great way to get involved in your community and learn about different issues that are important to you. You’ll have access to experienced professionals who can help guide you through tricky decisions, and you’ll also be able to meet new people with similar interests. In addition, being part of the Other Board Denver will allow you to share your knowledge and skills with others, which can lead to opportunities you never imagined. Plus, the network of members is invaluable when finding jobs or networking for business partnerships. If this sounds like something, you’d like to explore, check out the website or contact us today!

When it comes to board governance, the Other Board Denver is a model organization. The board provides strategic leadership and direction for the nonprofit organization while its members offer unique perspectives and expertise. Here are just a few of the benefits of joining the Other Board Denver:

  • Networking Opportunities – Joining the Other Board Denver allows you to develop relationships with other leaders in the nonprofit community. You’ll have access to valuable resources and insights, which can help you achieve your mission goals more efficiently.
  • Improved Communication Skills – Being a part of a board means communicating effectively with other members, staff members, and donors. This helps you build trust and foster collaboration between different groups within your organization.
  • Increased Cooperation – Organizational success is guaranteed when everyone on the board works together towards a common goal. By sharing information and collaborating closely, panels ensure that all constituent groups are heard and considered when making decisions about the organization’s future.
  • Greater Accountability – Boards ensure that an organization’s resources are spent wisely, and its mission is carried out effectively. Joining the Other Board Denver will give you increased accountability for your actions as a member of this powerful group of professionals

How to Join the Other Board Denver

other board denver

How to Join the Other Board Denver

If you’re interested in joining the Other Board Denver, there are a few things you’ll need to do. First, fill out our membership application form. Once we’ve received and processed your application, we’ll send you an email confirmation. You’ll then need to attend our first meeting. The meeting location and time will be emailed to you before the meeting. After the meeting, we’ll ask if you’d like to join as a voting or advisory member. Voting members get full voting privileges on all matters brought before the board and are eligible for office at any time. In contrast, advisory members have no voting privileges but are still allowed to sit on boards and committees. If you decide not to join after attending our first meeting, let us know so we can remove your name from our waiting list.

If you’re interested in joining the Other Board Denver, we’d love to have you on board! Here are a few simple steps: 

  • Go to our website and click “join now,” located in the top right corner of the home page. 
  • Fill out the online application form and submit it. 
  • Once your application has been processed, we will send you an email confirming your membership status. 
  • You can start participating in our events and discussions!

Pricing for Services Provided by The Other Board Denver

other board denver

The Other Board Denver is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable, quality services to LGBTQ people and their families. 

Services offered by The Other Board Denver include: 


-Group therapy 

-Workshops and events 

-Education and outreach 

-Community engagement 

The Other Board of Denver operates from the belief that everyone deserves respect, safety, and opportunity. They strive to create an environment where LGBTQ people feel safe and valued.

Why Denver?

other board denver

Denver is a bustling city with a rich history. It’s been the capital of Colorado since 1859 and is home to some world-renowned museums and attractions. From the Denver Art Museum to the Rocky Mountains World Heritage Site, there are plenty of things to see and do in this vibrant city. Its location in the heart of the Rocky Mountains makes it an excellent place to explore the outdoors.

The Roles of The Other Board Denver

other board denver

The Other Board Denver is a nonprofit board and management consultancy focusing on helping boards become more effective and efficient. Their services include board composition, executive search, succession planning, performance monitoring, risk assessment, and more.

Since their inception in 2001, The Other Board Denver has helped hundreds of boards achieve their desired outcomes. In addition to their core services, they offer customized training and consulting for individual boards. They have partnered with some of the country’s leading universities to provide board members with education and training.

President and CEO Kelly Hodge lead the Other Board Denver. She has over 30 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, most notably as the founder and CEO of Foundation Center Colorado, which served as the statewide center for philanthropy in Colorado. Hodge brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to The Other Board Denver as they continue to grow and serve more boards nationwide.

Diversity at The Other Board Denver

other board denver

The Other Board Denver is a welcoming and diverse board game community. Our members come from all walks of life with different interests and backgrounds. We are passionate about board games and strive to provide a space where everyone can feel comfortable and welcome.

One of the ways we accomplish this is by creating an inclusive environment for our members. We have various committees and events catering to different interests, including LGBT+-affirming clubs, gaming nights for people with disabilities, and more. We also have an active Discord server that allows members to connect in a more informal setting.

We hope you join us at The Other Board Denver!

Employee Benefits at The Other Board Denver

other board denver

Employee Benefits at The Other Board Denver

At The Other Board Denver, we take pride in providing our employees with the best benefits possible. From health insurance to retirement savings, we have something for everyone.

Our health insurance coverage is top-notch and includes various options for employees and their families. We also offer a comprehensive retirement plan to help our employees save for their future. In addition, we provide employee discounts on various goods and services, as well as a 401(k) matching program.

Good benefits make our employees happy and productive in the long run. That’s why we work hard to provide them with the best care. Thank you for considering The Other Board Denver as your go-to source for employee benefits!

Community Involvement at The Other Board Denver

other board denver

The Other Board Denver is a not-for-profit organization that connects the creative community in Denver. The organization provides resources for artists, offers networking events, and hosts art exhibitions and public lectures. To keep the organization running, it relies on community involvement.

One way The Other Board Denver engages the community is through its involvement with local schools. It has established partnerships with several schools in the area, allowing students to participate in workshops and gallery visits. The Other Board Denver also sponsors a summer arts camp for high school students.

To keep up with the growing demand for its services, The Other Board Denver plans on expanding its reach into other parts of the city. It will be opening a branch office in Loveland next year and is looking for volunteers to help with this initiative.

Through its involvement with the community, The Other Board Denver aims to provide creative individuals with opportunities to network and collaborate. Its outreach programs are designed to engage different sections of the population and create awareness about artistry in Denver.


Behind the scenes at Board Denver, there’s a lot of hard work and dedication going on to promote the sport of surfing. This year has been hectic for the nonprofit, as they’ve welcomed new board designers, hosted events and surf camps around the state, and worked tirelessly to connect Denverites with some of California’s best breaks. With so much progress being made, it’s exciting to see where Board Denver will go in 2018 – keep an eye out for their upcoming projects!

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