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The Big Brother Morty Story From Hell

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We all know the popular show, Big Brother. It’s one of those shows we cannot help but tune in to every week. But many people don’t know that the show has a dark side. Specifically, the dark side of Big Brother is the story of Morty Smith, AKA “The Fly.” Read on to learn more about this harrowing tale and how to protect yourself from similar situations.

What is “The Big Brother Morty Story from Hell”?

big brother morty

The Big Brother Morty Story From Hell is a dark, twisted tale of sibling rivalry, betrayal, and horror that follows the harrowing adventures of the iconic characters Morty and Rick as they face off against an evil force known only as The Devil.

If you’re a fan of the show Big Brother, then you’ll love The Big Brother Morty Story From Hell. This graphic novel tells the story of Morty and Rick as they battle an evil force known only as The Devil. It’s an intense adventure full of mystery, thrills, and chills that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The Development of the Episode

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The development of the “Big Brother Morty” episode from hell has been a roller coaster for fans of the show. After an initial casting announcement that hinted at a possible crossover between “Rick and Morty” and “Big Brother,” many were excited for an episode in which Rick’s reckless grandson would be forced to live inside the confines of the show.

However, following an outcry from fans worried about potential spoilers for next week’s season finale of “Rick and Morty,” Adult Swim pulled the plug on the crossover before it aired. This left many fans feeling betrayed, as they had been led to believe that this would indeed be an episode about Morty entering the house.

Now, as fan theories abound about what could have gone wrong with this episode, one thing is clear: It would have been better if it had never happened.

Why was the Episode Cancelled?

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It was announced on January 11th, just days before the scheduled release of Season 3, that “The Big Brother Morty Story From Hell” would not be released due to licensing issues. The story follows the events of the canceled season and features a different ending than initially planned.

The episode’s original air date was set for January 18th but was later pushed back to January 25th. Shortly after it was announced that the episode would not be released, several online petitions were started to bring it back onto television. The largest of these efforts reached over 50,000 signatures.

Shortly after the petition’s launch, show creator Justin Roiland tweeted that they had “been working on something super secret” and hinted that it could be released as a bonus episode for Season 3’s release on DVD/Blu-Ray. However, this ultimately did not happen, and the episode remains unreleased.

What Happens Next?

big brother morty

The events that transpired in the house after Big Brother took a hiatus are still a mystery. Some believe that he left the house and never came back, while others think he may have been banished to some sort of alternate dimension or purgatory.

Whatever the case, one thing is sure: something went wrong for Morty after BB left the house. The first sign that something was wrong came when his clothes began to change color and shape, eventually morphing into grotesquely disfigured versions of themselves. He also started experiencing hallucinations of people from his life who had died, including his father and grandfather.

Things got even worse for Morty when he started hearing voices urging him to kill himself. He even found himself in a vast room with alligators ready to devour him alive. Thankfully, he was able to find a way out and get help before it was too late.

It’s still unclear what exactly happened to Morty in the house after BB left, but it’s clear that something went wrong for him. Hopefully, someone can figure out what happened and help him through this difficult time.


It’s been a wild ride ever since The Simpsons aired an episode that featured a clever bit of writing by Dan Harmon, which introduced the world to the character of Morty. Since then, there has never been a dull moment in the life of this lovable little blue alien who can’t help but cause mayhem wherever he goes. Whether it was his exploits in season one as part of Rick and Morty’s adventure across time or his appearances as part of Season Three’s epic storyline “The Rickshank Redemption,” fans have loved every minute of it. But even die-hard Big Brother Morty fans might not know everything there is to know about the show’s tumultuous story from hell. Here are seven lesser-known facts about Big Brother Morty that will surprise you!

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