Gilgit Baltistan Undoubtedly the Best Tourist Destination in Pakistan

The Gilgit-Baltistan area has become a separate administrative unit within side the yr 1970. It consists of 3 districts, with everyone having similar sub-districts. The 3 massive districts are Gilgit District, Baltistan District, and Diamer District. The Gilgit District contains sub-districts of Hunza, Nagar, Gilgit, and Ghizer. The Diamer District consists of Astore and Diamer as its subdivisions. Meanwhile, the Baltistan District encompasses Shigar, Ghanche, Skardu, and Kharmang as its similar sub-districts.


Geographically, gilgit baltistan weather has placed within side the northern-maximum part of Pakistan. It borders the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan to the north, Azad Kashmir to its south. The Indian kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir to the southeast, the Xinjiang area of China to the east and northeast. The Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the west. The area is domestic to 5 of the global`s 8,000-meter peaks in addition to having 3 of the best mountain ranges, particularly the Himalayas. The Karakoram, and the Hindu Kush. The maximum mountains right here is the K-2, additionally called Mount Godwin Austen, and the Nanga Parbat. Gilgit-Baltistan additionally consists of 3 of the longest glaciers within side the globe. Other than the polar ice caps, particularly the Baltoro Glacier, the Batura Glacier, and the Biafo Glacier. There also are numerous lakes, rivers, and waterfalls within side the area.


Gilgit-Baltistan`s weather is various, especially because of the range it enjoys in its geographical terrain. The metropolis of Gilgit is being place below the shadow of the Nanga Parbat, because of which the area hardly ever gets any rain. The mountainous area surrounding the metropolis and the Silk Route that results in it, now called the Karakoram Highway, has dry and arid weather. However, the nights spent within side the metropolis may be appreciably cooler. In contrast, the valleys of Hunza, Khaplu, Astore, and Nagar experience bloodless climates all yr spherical.


Tourists, mountaineers, and trekkers from everywhere in the globe flock to Gilgit-Baltistan. All yr spherical as it gives something for all kinds of travelers. Many regions are inaccessible within side the wintry weather months though, because of excessive climate and snow. However, the area is sure to peer an upward thrust in tourism because the Conde Nast Traveller declared Pakistan. Its to be the pinnacle vacationer vacation spot for 2020, giving it the primary spot over 19 different scenic locations. Some of the foremost areas for travelers to go to in Gilgit-Baltistan are:


Gilgit Valley consists of numerous warm spots for travelers. Among those is Naltar, that’s a picturesque area with excessive mountain peaks and without difficulty handy glacial lakes. This is the precise lodge for snowboarding in Pakistan. Another factor of hobby for records buffs is Kargah Valley, placed simply 10 kilometers from the metropolis of Gilgit. It consists of the rock wall carving of the Kargah Buddha which offers the valley its name. The sculpture dates lower back to the eighth Century AD. The ruins of a Buddhist monastery and a Stupa also can be determine now right here.

Surrounding valleys of hobby to travelers are Bagrot, Oshikhandas, Danyore, and Nomal. While Shina is the language spoke by a number of the locals. And those who paint within side the tourism region are fluent in English and Urdu.


Dominated with the aid of using Trichmir, the best top within side the Hindu Kush Mountains. And the Chitral Valley lies at a top of greater than 1, a hundred meters. The panorama right here is versatile, imparting inexperienced valleys and meadows, in addition to steep mountains and large glaciers. The wintry weather climate right here is excessive however the summertime season months may be pretty pleasant.

Some of the first-rate locations to go to right here are the cities of Arandu and Booni in addition to Madaklasht Valley. Barmoghlasht Resort is likewise place simply 14. five kilometers from Chitral now. And it is virtually really well worth a go to because of its spectacularly stunning surroundings. Nature enthusiasts might additionally love a go to the Golen Valley with its inexperienced meadows. These fields complete with flowers, springs, waterfalls, and delightful panoramic views.

Chitral Valley is pretty varied culturally. The Chitralis talk Khowar however Persian, Pushto, and Urdu audio systems also can be determine now right here. There also are nearly ten different nearby languages spoke right here amongst numerous tribes. The area is likewise musically incline, with the Chitrali sitar being perform at festive events and weddings. Sports lovers also can experience looking at Polo right here. 

No, going to Chitral Valley might be whole without a go-to to the Chitral Museum and the Shahi Masjid of Chitral. While the museum holds relics of historic instances and gives historic records approximately the area. The Shahi Mosque turned into built with the aid of using Shuja-ul-Mulk in 1924 AD even as he turned into the Mehtar of Chitral. It is construct beside the Shahi Qila or Fort, that’s a personal residence. The mosque is well-known for its architectural fashion of a bygone era.


Chitral Valley is likewise domestic to the Kalash Valleys, wherein the Kalash tribe resides. Rumbur, Bamburet, and Birir are 3 of the Kalash valleys with Bamburet being the maximum populate now. While Bamburet is forty kilometers from the metropolis of Chitral thru a jeep ride. Rumbur and Birir are 32 and 34 kilometers away respectively. The Kalash tribe follows its personal spiritual and cultural traditions and little because no is think approximately their ancestry. The tribe is prominent with the aid of using black gowns worn with the aid of using its people. with a headpiece product of woollen black fabric embellished with shells, buttons, feathers, and colorful beads.

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